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太阳诱电电容(Taiyo Yuden)

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  SMD capacitor is a capacitor material. The full name of chip capacitors is: multilayer (multilayer, laminated) chip ceramic capacitor (MLCC), also known as chip capacitor, chip capacitor. There are two ways to represent chip capacitors, one in inch units and one in millimeter units.

    Main MLCC manufacturers: Kyocera, Murata, Maruwa, TDK; Samsung Korea; Taiwan Dafang, Pingshang Electronic Technology, Heshen Tang, Guogeo, Huaxinke; The famous ones in the mainland are Yuyang, Fenghua Hi-Tech, and Sanhuan.There are many factors to consider when selecting capacitance, and the capacitor selection factors of MLCCs are discussed below.

Selection elements

-Parameters: capacitance value, tolerance, withstand voltage, operating temperature, size


- DC bias effect

The performance of the media

-NPO capacitors have high temperature compensation characteristics and are suitable for use as bypass capacitors and coupling capacitors

-The X7R X5R capacitor is a temperature-stable ceramic capacitor suitable for less demanding industrial applications

-Y5V capacitors have the worst temperature characteristics, but have a large capacity and can replace low-capacity aluminum electrolytic capacitors

MLCCs commonly used in NPO, X7R, X5R, Y5V and other different media specifications, different specifications have different characteristics and uses. The main difference between NPO, X7R, X5R, Y5V is that they have different filling media. Under the same volume, due to the different filling dielectric, the capacitor composed of different capacitors has different capacities, and the resulting dielectric loss and capacity stability of the capacitors are also different, so when using capacitors, different capacitors should be selected according to the different functions of the capacitors in the circuit.