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  Integrated circuit English: integrated circuit, abbreviated as IC; In electronics, microcircuits, microchips, and chips are a way of miniaturizing circuits (mainly including semiconductor devices, but also passive components, etc.), and are often manufactured on the surface of semiconductor wafers.

    There are many ways to classify integrated circuits, according to whether the circuit is analog or digital, it can be divided into: analog integrated circuits, digital integrated circuits and mixed-signal integrated circuits (analog and digital on one chip).

    Digital integrated circuits can contain anything, with logic gates, flip-flops, multitaskers and other circuits ranging from thousands to millions in a few square millimeters. The small size of these circuits enables higher speeds, lower power consumption (see Low Power Designs), and lower manufacturing costs than board-level integration. These digital ICs, represented by microprocessors, digital signal processors, and microcontrollers, operate using binary, processing 1 and 0 signals.

    Analog integrated circuits, such as sensors, power control circuits, and op amps, process analog signals. Complete the functions of amplification, filtering, demodulation, mixing, etc. By using analog integrated circuits with good characteristics designed by experts, the burden of circuit designers is relieved, and there is no need to design everything from the basic transistors.

Integrated circuits can integrate analog and digital circuits on a single chip to make devices such as analog-to-digital converters and digital-to-analog converters. Such circuits offer smaller size and lower cost, but care must be taken for signal collisions.

The chip naming method is generally: letter + number + letter

The preceding letter is the abbreviation of the chip manufacturer or a certain chip family. Like MC, most of the start is Motorola, and the MAX start is mostly Maxin's.

The number in the middle is the functional model. Like MC7805 and LM7805, it can be seen from the 7805 that their functions are output 5V, but the manufacturer is different.

Most of the letters behind are package information, and you have to look at the information provided by the manufacturer to know what package the specific letter represents.

The 74 series is the common name of the standard TTL logic device, such as 74LS00, 74LS02, etc., and it is not clear what company's product it is from the 74 alone. Different companies will prefix 74, such as SN74LS00, etc.

Related extensions

A complete IC model must generally contain at least the following four parts:

There are many prefixes (first bids) ----- can be guessed which company's product.

The device name---- can generally infer the function of the product (memory can know its capacity).

Temperature grades----- distinguish commercial grade, industrial grade, military grade, etc. In general, C represents civilian grade, I represents industrial grade, E represents extended industrial grade, A represents aviation grade, and M represents military grade.

Package ---- indicates the package and pin count of the product, and some IC models will have other content:

Rate ---- such as memory, MCU, DSP, FPGA and other products have rate differences, such as -5, -6 and other digital representations.

Process structure---- such as general digital ICs have COM and TL, commonly used letters C, T to demonstrate.

Whether it is environmentally friendly----- Generally, there will be a letter at the end of the model to indicate whether it is environmentally friendly, such as z, R, +, etc.

The packaging ----- shows what kind of packaging the material was shipped in, such as tube, T/R, rail, tray, etc.

The version number ---- shows the number of times the product has been modified, generally with M as the first version.

IC naming, packaging common sense and naming rules:

Temperature range:

C = 0°C to 60°C (commercial grade); I=-20°C to 85°C (industrial grade); E = -40°C to 85°C (extended industrial grade); A = -40°C to 82°C (aviation grade); M=-55°C to 125°C (military grade)

Package Type:

A—SSOP; B—CERQUAD; C-TO-200, TQFP;D—ceramic copper top; E—QSOP; F—ceramic SOP; H—SBGAJ-ceramic DIP; K—TO-3; L—LCC,M—MQFP; N—narrow DIP;N—DIP;; Q—PLCC; R a narrow ceramic DIP (300mil); S—TO-52,T—TO5,TO-99,TO-100﹔U—TSSOP,uMAX,SOT; W—wide-bodied small form factor (300mil); X—SC-60(3P,5P,6P); Y - narrow-bodied copper roof; Z—TO-92,MQUAD; D—die; /PR-reinforced molded;/W-wafer.

Number of pins:

A—8;B—10﹔C—12,192; D—14;E—16;F——22,256; G—4;H—4;I—28 ; J—2;K—5,68; L—40;M—6,48; N—18;O—42;P—20﹔Q—2,100﹔R—3,843; S——4,80; T—6,160; U-60; V-8 (circular); W-10 (circular); X-36; Y-8 (circular); Z-10 (circular).

Note: The first letter of the four-letter suffix for interface products is. E, indicating that the device has antistatic function