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Guoju agent, DC impulse meter - electrolytic capacitor life tester
Release Time:2023-04-06

1、 DC impulse meter - electrolytic capacitor life tester

(Instrument selection standard: The voltage can reach above the printed voltage on the appearance of the capacitor, and the current can reach above the corresponding current)

2、 Oven - capable of reaching 125 degrees

High frequency low resistance electrolytic capacitor

Device testing method:

The conventional approach is to connect the capacitor to a DC impulse meter, and adjust the meter to the corresponding testing position, usually the pulse position. The charging time is 8 minutes and the discharging time is 2 minutes. Adjust the temperature of the oven to 105 degrees Celsius and keep it constant. It should be noted that only when the temperature inside the oven reaches 105 degrees Celsius can the capacitor body with the circuit connected be placed in it. Start the DC charging meter and start testing to record the lifespan time. The general practice for Guoju agents is to test for 250 hours, stop, take out the capacitor from the oven, test whether the four basic parameters are within the qualified range, and use this to prove whether the capacitor's lifespan is OK at this time. After the test is completed, cool it to room temperature, and restart the previous test. Repeat this cycle until the lifespan time at the standard temperature of the capacitor is completed. The advantage of doing so is that it can more accurately monitor the lifespan testing of capacitors and obtain accurate data. It is also possible to complete the life time of the capacitor at the standard temperature in one go, but this is beneficial for saving time and not conducive to controlling the true life time of the capacitor.