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Working under high voltage and strong current carries risks beyond the norm
Release Time:2023-04-06

Chip capacitors operating under high voltage and strong current pose a greater risk than usual.

High voltage chip capacitors may suffer catastrophic damage when operating above their nominal voltage. The failure of insulation materials may cause electric arcs in small units filled with oil (usually used to isolate air), causing the insulation liquid to evaporate, causing capacitors to protrude, rupture, and even explode. The explosion can spread flammable oil everywhere, ignite, and damage nearby equipment. Cylindrical glass or plastic capacitors in hard packaging are more prone to cracking than capacitors in regular rectangular packaging, which are less prone to cracking under high voltage. Capacitors used in RF circuits and working in high current environments for a long time can overheat, especially the rolls in the center of chip capacitors. Even if the external environment temperature is low, these heat cannot be dissipated in a timely manner, and gathering inside may quickly lead to high internal heat and damage to the chip capacitor.

If one of the capacitors working in a high-energy environment malfunctions, causing the current to suddenly cut off, the energy stored in the other capacitors will surge towards the faulty capacitor, which may result in a violent explosion. High voltage vacuum capacitors will emit a certain amount of X-rays even when used correctly. Proper sealing, fusing, and preventive maintenance can help reduce these potential hazards.